Body Reshaping

Cellulite & Body Reshaping

ThermoJet Plus Infrared Body Shaping Treatments

The Thermojet Plus Infrared Body Treatment System is a healthy,
non-invasive therapeutic treatment that helps reduce the appearance
of cellulite and stretch marks. It is effective in aiding with inch and pound-loss,
including heat-therapy benefits. The Thermojet Plus uses six wide, flexible,
silicone bandages that target specific areas of the body.
Clients are fully clothed and relaxed during the session.
No activity or exercise is required.


You will be able to see and feel the difference after just one session. Thermojet Plus offers a number of different session treatments. There are three different body wrap packages, and a maintence take home kit is available for maximum results. The results will continue after the session. It is not just water weight loss. We do ask that you are well hydrated before, during and after session.

Weight Loss

With obesity on the rise, men and women are trying to find ways to help them with their weight issues. With the Thermojet plus Infrared Body Wrap System, you may lose up to a 1 1/2 pounds per treatment. The pounds lost are from “thermolipolysis.” Thermolipolysis is the fat burning process which is created by an increased metabolic rate. The increased thermolypolytic action of the infrared works from the deep fat layers to the superficial (dermis) layer. The breakdown of fats into a more liquid form allows the secretion of excess bodily water, toxins, and fat as you perspire. The Thermojet Infrared Body Wrap comes with four preset Weight Loss session programs.

Treatment of Osteoarticular and muscle pains

Generally, all degenerative afflictions such as acute or chronic inflammation of the supportive and analgesic effects that it exerts on the muscles.


Full Body Session $69.

Discounted multi-session packages are available.

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