We provide a wide range of services for women, in a personal and comfortable setting.
We specialize in body treatments, including body wraps (cellulite treatment),
body contouring, reshaping, firming and tightening of loose skin.
The treatments use only high quality natural products that benefit body and mind.
This applies to all our services including facials and body treatments

Body Treatments

We provide cellulite and  body reshaping treatment.

Weight Loss
Infrared Treatments – Sudatonic

This effect is enhanced through the use of specially formulated creams during the deep
(infrared) heat application.

 Body Reshaping

The Thermojet Plus Infrared Body Treatment System

 S P E C I A L

3 Detox Seaweed Body Wraps for only $99!

One of our most popular treatments. Lose 10 to 20 inches with each wrap.

Spa Facials

We offers facials for all skin types. We use a product line from Switzerland, Methode Physiodermie,
which are high quality products generated from natural ingredients, essential oils, and plant based extracts.


All about Waxing Treatments at EGYPTIAN BODY SPA
waxing or hair removal can make your skin not only clean and fresh,
but also smooth. If you make sensible decisions in your waxing routine,
you will get pain-free, glowing results by professional beauticians.

Full Leg $30
Full Arms $20
Tummy & Back $20 each

California Brazilian $25

Full Body Waxing $99

Hormonal and over grown hair on body extra rates applies.

For pricing or more info

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